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Adviza Consulting gives you access to the information you need to make smart decisions about your small business. Leveraging my knowledge, I can help you make your business flourish.  It will be like having your own personal business coach.

What is Business Consulting or Business Coaching?

Business Consultants provide support to business owners by analysing how they work today, then offering advice on how to make improvements to increase operational efficiency.  

Consultants work with business owners on aspects such as:

  • Strategy - creating and defining strategy on how to increase business growth
  • Planning - forging a detailed plan to ensure all aspects of operations are understood
  • Problem solving - working together to find a solution that works within your business

Coaching or consulting addresses all parts of business, focusing on many areas simultaneously to achieve a cohesive outcome.  Areas considered are: 

  • Marketing, Advertising and Branding - focusing on attracting new clients to your business
  • Human Resources - develop and deliver bespoke training, improve culture, retain team members
  • Systems - design or source relevant systems to improve efficiency
  • Customer Service and Sales - help understand service and sales strategies and put in place measures to increase customer experience and accelerate sales 

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